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Money is something that everyone one wants. Irrespective of your profile and social status, you need money to survive. Due to this many people start a business and try to change their fortune. Yes there are many reasons to start a business but money is the most common. Above all, running a business comes with great learning. Therefore, I decided to list down some cool startup business ideas that are profitable. The list includes some good business ideas that help you make a lot of money. If you have the passion to start a company, then there is a good chance of being successful.

Start a Software Company

Software development business is one of the most profitable businesses. There are many benefits of starting a software company. Some of the benefits include the list below.

  • It is a highly scalable business.
  • Software industry has wide options to select from. You can pick the one based on your skills and choices.
  • Selling software is one of the most profitable startup business ideas.
  • It takes time to gain customer trust in the early phase but over time, flow of money continues.
  • Making copies of software is easy and you can sell it to unlimited customers. The more you sell, the profit in business increases with every deal.

You can also read our detailed blog about starting a software company for more information.

Start Blogging Business

If you have passion for writing then blogging as a career is best. First of all you enjoy the freedom of working from anywhere. Additionally, you make a lot of money. There are many successful blogs that are already making money from blogs. You start alone but as soon as traffic grows on the blog, you can hire content writers for the blog. Here is a list of benefits of starting when you start a blog.

Benefits of starting a blog

  • You get the freedom to work from anywhere.
  • Writing articles in advance is easy. Instead of publishing immediately, you can schedule the article to be published at a later date. This will help you become consistent with the writings.
  • There is no limit on how much you can write and how much you can earn. Being limitless feels good and gives you an upper edge.
  • You can also do blogging for business. This will help you grow your brand and connect with customers.
  • Blogging is one of the best sources of passive income.
  • Cost of starting a blog is also not very high. Anyone with a computer or a laptop can start a blog.

Stock Trading – One of the most profitable Startup Business Ideas

If you are from a commerce background and good with numbers, this is for you. Starting a stock brokerage firm requires less money and more skills. If your ideas and stock market calculation work, your clients will make profit and the commission will make you also rich. Therefore, focus on every possible detail and study. There is a long list of stock trading firms that make a lot of money.

Benefits of Starting a Stock Trading Company

  • If you have understanding of stock markets then there is nothing better than starting a stock trading company.
  • Stock brokers earn on every transaction therefore chances of making loss in business are minimum. Stock trading firms earn irrespective of profit and loss to the client.
  • As I mentioned, starting a stock trading company is one of the best startup business ideas. This is due to the nature of work. Chances of business failure are less than traditional business ideas.
  • If you are charging an annual maintenance fee for a trading account, this becomes a passive income in a few years.
  • You can multiply income and there is no limit to how much. You only need an eye for details, skills to analyze and predict opportunities.

Start Food Business

Starting a food business is easy. Your kitchen can become your first office. If you have passion for cooking then you can try this. Initially there is hard work involved. You need to cook, deliver on your own but as soon as growth comes, you can hire employees to manage the business. This is one of the startup business Ideas that can give you a profit of 30 percent or more. Above all this is a really scalable business. You can make as much money as you want. Food is a necessary item that everyone needs. Therefore , you start making money from day one of starting the business.

Benefits of starting a food business

  • First of all, you do not need a big space. You can start a food making business from your kitchen.
  • It is one of the most profitable businesses where you can earn fixed profit.
  • You can start earning money from day one.
  • Making profit in business is important. If the quality of food is good, you can make 30 to 35 percent profit.
  • If customers start to remember the brand then you can outsource the business. It is a great way of expanding a business multifold.
  • You can earn royalty by selling franchises of the brand.


You may be surprised but this is one of the most secure businesses in the list. People are always looking for good educators. If you have that commitment about education, there is no need to look for customers. Parents automatically contact you with a little bit of investment in marketing. You need to use the basic marketing strategies to create the brand. There are many options available in this domain. For example, you can start a school, start a tuition center and so on. The opportunities are endless. This is one of the professions or startup business ideas where you make respect also.

Benefits of starting an Education Business

  • People respect you for the skill.
  • Starting a coaching center or starting a tuition center is very easy.
  • Starting a school needs investment but in the long run, you get it back in the form of revenue.
  • The profit in business is fixed. Due to this you can easily sense opportunities to grow in the education business.
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