traditional ways of marketing

Imagine a situation where you start a business and nobody knows about it. How much sales do you expect? The answer should be zero because people will not buy until they know you exist. As a result you will have to shut down the business some day. Today we have all the internet and the convenience to connect with the world. Telling people about your brand is marketing in business. There have always been a lot of challenges in business. But do you know how people marketed business in the past when there was no internet. Promoting a brand using a pay per click model is easy. But in history the story was a little different. This article is about the traditional methods of marketing. Check out some ways of marketing people used in the past. Some of them are relevant in modern times. For sure the quality is much better.

Traditional methods of marketing

Unlike today, where people have free marketing tools available, in history it was tough to make global brands. Today, if you have new business ideas, you can raise funding for business. There are global investors who may be interested in our products. But our ancestors did not have many choices. Here is a list of traditional ways of marketing a product or service. Some of them work today also and come under most preferred marketing techniques to promote a business. Just have a look.

News Paper Advertisements

One of the traditional ways of advertising a product is a newspaper that exists today also. All big companies use newspaper ads for promoting a brand. If you want to promote a brand locally, newspapers are the best medium. Top newspapers have good readership and you can tell them about your brand.


A brochure normally contains information about a product or service. Sometimes it also has usage instructions and other details. Some companies use this to market products and services. While selling a product, they add brochures of another. Due to this, customers get to know about more products and can buy next time. This may be a traditional method of marketing but works today as well.


Among the traditional ways of marketing, pamphlets are also the most simple one. Pamphlets are small paper based advertisements. There is a small difference between brochure and pamphlet. Brochure is more product centric and pamphlets can be for anything. People use it for invitations, advertise a business and promote a brand etc. Normally, you distribute them to random people. For example: coaching centers distribute their pamphlets outside schools during parent teacher meetings. The potential customer is not the student but the parent because they will pay the fee. Many companies even print their sales brochures and distribute them.

TV Commercial – most powerful Traditional Methods of Marketing

Television has been the most powerful traditional method of marketing. The world has moved from black & white to color and now we have SmartTVs. Due to this the speed of information is fast. TV has the highest viewership and reach. Due to this, it is also the most expensive marketing technique. You pay per slot of 10 seconds in most cases. You just need to be careful about the cost of social media before spending money. In other cases, it is a good small business marketing technique.

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