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This is based on one of the stories by The Quint India Corona Virus Stage 3 is Now Confirmed. This information came from a doctor convener of the task force for COVID 19 Hospitals.

This is also in reference with cases coming with people who do not have any international travel history. Indian is about to touch 50,000 cases in a few days. However this is not number of active cases. Many people are cured and sent back home. Still we need to understand how all this works and the road ahead.

You can also read more details of Interview on Quint’s website.

What is Stage 3 of Corona Virus?

Stage 3 of Corona Virus is also called community spread stage. In this case an infected person does not need to have a travel history. He may not have contacted some with international travel history. The virus spreads in the community. Similar cases are now coming. Slowly the number of corona cases in India per day are on a rise.

Is this coming from the Government?

No, the confirmation is not coming from the government. We have not received any official confirmation. Government has its own strategy to deal with things. It is not time to criticize or appreciate the government. Just let the government do whatever is possible. Take best possible steps to protect you and your loved ones. Be a responsible citizen.

Impact of Corona Virus on World

What is Indian Government’s Preparation?

As per data available on government’s website, we are not prepared. Government recently placed orders for ventilators. The deliveries will take time and the bomb is about to explode anytime.

There is shortage of hospitals and beds too.

What to do if we know India Corona Virus Stage 3 is confirmed

The best solution is to save resources for needy. These resources can be anything from food to hospital bed. This way we are helping our society and government too in some way.

Lock Yourself for Few Days

First of all do not go outside your home. Believe your home is the most secure place you have on earth today. Prevention is better than cure. In this case corona virus cure is not confirmed yet. You will be treated with standard procedures.

Manage your food

Manage your food / ration in such a way that you can extend it to maximum. Therefore, you cannot afford to waste any food. Nobody wants to risk his or her life just for groceries.

Stop Assuming

Simply stop assuming about you have or do not have corona virus. If you feel there are symptoms of corona virus then contact doctor. Additionally do not panic about regular cold cough or fever. If you panic and go for test then you may unknowingly consume resources. You should not do it. Only connect with COVID 19 Hospitals in India only when you feel the need.

Do not Bulk Buy

We have example of countries like Italy. People bought groceries for 6 months but now there is nobody left to eat them. If we buy in limited numbers then food items will be available for others.

Keep Everything Clean

Make sure you clean things around you. In case of doubt simply sanitize few things. Keep washing your hands.

Keep an Eye on Kids

If you have small kids, ensure they are not eating anything from the floor. You also need to make sure you do not touch the kid right after coming from outside.

What if you Work in Essential Services

We understand your importance. You need to be extra careful. Don’t panic, just be careful. Make sure you do not touch your face, nose, ear, eyes during your working hours. Whenever you need then use clean cloth or tissue paper. Make sure when you return home, change cloths put them directly in washing area so germs can be cleaned. Take a shower (with soap) if possible. Do not touch anything without washing your hands.

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