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Probability of death from corona virus is just 5%. You can also reduce your chances further by staying at home. Have sympathy with the people who are not at home. Many people are still outside due to some or the other limitations. If you can read this we assume you have a working internet connection. You are also one of the luckiest person on this earth today who is not struggling with situations like food and shelter.

This is for those who are spreading rumors and for those who are believing them. Let us all be realistic and positive. Because this is the only option we have. Have sympathy with families with corona virus casualties and pray for them. Wish for speedy recovery of these who are still suffering.

Probability of death from Corona Virus

Corona Virus countries list is very long. Total number of countries impacted is now 202. But still, probability of death from Corona Virus is less and maximum can be healed.

Coming back to the topic. First of all check the data below.

The data is taken from World Health Organization website today. Just use the percentage formula for total number of deaths due to corona virus or COVID 19. The result will be 4.63 which is less than 5%. Even if your entire country is infected 95% can be saved.

The numbers may change but the formula does not. You can check the latest data from WHO dashboard. You can also download the excel file to calculate the number. The ideas is to increase the probability of your life.  You can do it by staying at home and eating healthy food. Additionally, ensure protection when going out. This way you will not get in touch with any COVID 19 patient.

Download the Excel File for calculation.

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