benefits of lockdown in India

There are many Benefits of lockdown in India. However it does not directly impact corona virus. This move also does not have any impact on corona virus life cycle and cure. But still there are many benefits of lockdown.

Benefits of lockdown in India

We should learn from others mistakes. India got the virus late so we have examples. Whole world is fighting this with social distancing.

  • Social distancing will help in reducing the spread.
  • We will also get time to treat already infected people along with reducing the spread.
  • We have time for research and development. Due to this we get time to develop testing kits or solution.
  • Lockdown may be uncomfortable but this is the only possible way to save lives.
  • People will actually help government by staying at home. Due to this government can focus on other important things.

Other than these standard benefits you can also use this lockdown for personal benefit.

Know Your Wife

During your busy schedule you might not be able to spend time. Since so many years or months she must be working for you all seven days a week. In normal case your wife does not ask for any salary. So all the services you are getting come free of cost. It is time to know her better. Talk to her, understand things and help if required.

Know your Kids

This is an amazing time to spend with your family. As earning and busy member of your family you never got time. Some of you work too far. Travelling to office eats up all your time. Now you can now start knowing your kids. Play with them, ask them about studies and spend quality time.

Know Your Maid

I am sure your maid is not coming. You can start doing household stuff which the maid used to do. This will help you understand the real value for money you are paying her. And one more thing, try not to cut her salary for the lockdown period.

Make Few Phone Calls

Talk to your friends whom you have not called since years. Get connected and talk about their well being. Facebook is not going anywhere, just call them and you will feel good. Sometime real voice is better than a Facebook like.

Learn New Skills

You can learn new skills during lockdown period. You can also join some online courses and start learning.

You get into the learning process of cooking.

Read Books

You can also read books. With every new book you complete you will improve something. Therefore not only you will spend your time positively but also gain knowledge. Read anything you want.

Breathe Clean Air

Lockdown in India has halted almost 90% of traffic and most factories. Due to this we can expect instant result on air pollution. Air Quality Index or AQI will show better figures at least for a month from now. As a result we will get clean air to breathe.

Use Personal Performance Tracker

Additionally, you can also maintain 21 days free personal performance tracker. Download this excel file to record your tasks.

You can also read other information about corona on this website. Use the search tool for more help.

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