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There are many online income source techniques. This article will tell you about how to start earnings online without spending a lot of money. Everyone wants to create an income source or generate an alternate source of income in 2021. The idea is to achieve financial freedom. Therefore, read everything carefully to make sure you can select the best method. Here we are talking about the techniques of making money online for a passive income.

We are specifically talking about generating revenue online. Due to this we assume that you have a good internet connection. Here is a list of some common techniques of making money via the internet.

  1. Making money via YouTube channel
  2. Selling Digital Products
  3. Using affiliate program
  4. Creating a blog
  5. Bug Bounty Program

Let us go step by step and understand each one of these online income source techniques. You can use any of these and become successful in life. Additionally, with all of this you can also accept payments online. Therefore, you do not have to go anywhere to collect payment. You directly get money in a bank account.

1 – Making money via YouTube channel

YouTube is a video sharing platform. This platform allows billions of users to upload their video content free of cost. Therefore, if you are planning to start a YouTube channel you can do it using existing resources. For example, everyone has a smartphone these days. You can record video on the phone and upload it on YouTube. If people like your videos this can work as a good online income source. Additionally, there is no upper cap on how much money a YouTube channel can make. All you need is good content. Creating a YouTube channel is easy but must have 4000 hours of watched hours and 1000 subscribers to start earnings online. In other words monetizing the YouTube channel.

2 – Selling Digital Products is a good Online Income Source

Digital world has many possibilities. You do not need too much resources to make money online. But the biggest resource is time. Anyone can sell digital products online. There are many companies doing online business. Digital products have a fixed margin. Due to this the focus is on increasing sales. To make more money you need to generate more sales.

Companies and individuals use many free online advertising tools also. Your dependency on physical sales executives also reduces with generating revenue from business online. Some of the top online advertising techniques include Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and Linked In Ads etc. If you are selling software products online then Google AdWords can get you direct visitors. This is one of the fastest ways to reach customers. But your sale depends on the quality of the software product and price.

3 – Creating a Blog

If you have passion for writing, blogging as a career can open the doors of success for you. It takes time to make a blog but you can start earnings online after some time. Blogging can work as a super steady online income source for you. Yes, it takes some time for articles to appear in search results. If you keep writing good content, you see increasing traffic on the blog. To make it clear, the journey is not easy. Success always comes at a cost. You need to invest a lot of time writing articles and wait until you get good results. Once it happens, you can link your blog with Google AdSense or other AD platform and start earning money from blogging. In a limited time of around two to three years, you can make good passive income from blogging.

4 – Sell Advertisement Space

If you have an already famous website with a good number of users and pageviews. You can create Ad spaces. In this case, advertisers automatically connect with you because they also want good advertisement spaces. From banners to paid links on articles, advertisers give you good money. As a result, selling advertisement space will become a profitable deal for you in the long run.

5 – Bug Bounty Program is Best Online Income Source if you can crack it

Bug bounty program is normally linked with tech companies primarily. If you are linking for a good online income source, you need to have skills of finding errors in an application. There are many software companies running bug bounty programs for common people. They allow people to look into their applications (obviously not source code) and find errors or loopholes. The idea is to make robust applications and make hacking proof software. Some companies like Google can pay millions of dollars if you find a loophole in their applications.

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