how to earn money without investment

This is among one of the most searched keywords on the internet. Therefore, you will find so many articles on money making techniques. There is an ocean of information and very less relevance to the real topic. Due to this, I decided to write one myself. I have more than a decade of experience serving the IT industry at the time of writing this article. If I count in numbers, I have more than 17 years of work experience. Due to this I find myself suitable to write about how to earn money online without investment. The information is based on tried and tested formulas and many personal experiences. There are many ways to make money online but here we need specific answers. Therefore, I have also added some questions wherever I feel more clarification is required. The purpose is better understanding.

Can we make money online without investment?

First of all, let me answer the most critical question. Is it possible to earn money without investment? The straight forward answer is No, you cannot make money like this. You need to invest in something to get a return. You cannot expect any result with a vacuum of investment. But yes, the investment does not necessarily have to be money. You can invest your time, skills, contacts and so on. As a result, you invest on one hand and get returns on the other.

How to earn money online without investment

Let us start with the investment part first. Here we are talking about generating income without investing any money. You just invest your time, skills and other resources.

Check out this list below to get some idea about the techniques of making money online.

1 – Freelancer

If you are expert in any of the skills mentioned on, you have scope of making money. You can create a freelancer account free of cost. Additionally, you can update your entire profile, portfolio of recent work and rates. The website gives you flexibility to decide the cost of services you provide. For example you are an expert in search engine optimization. You can bid for SEO based jobs. If you are running a business, then also you can pitch for these projects. There is a long list of technical and non-technical jobs that you can find on In addition, you can also opt for paid membership of for more opportunities.

2 –

99 designs is a platform for creative people. If you know photoshop, animation or any other similar designing tool this is for you. Starting from logo development to banner design, is full of opportunities. You can bid for a project and the person with best design skill wins. The payout is also good. In short, you can earn money from home. The website does not have any joining fee for the basic plan.

3 – UpWork

Same as, is also a good platform. If you have some experience and a portfolio to show, can provide amazing opportunities. Basic membership of is free. There is an option to get paid membership and get more leads. First of all, you need to create a profile on and upload a portfolio. Once you do this, your potential clients can have a glimpse of your skill. This is one of the most important deciding factors in online bidding.

4 – Earn Money Online without Investment using Fiverr

The interface of is very interactive. In this case, you need to offer services at a fixed price. Due to this, you need to plan in advance. You must be skilled enough to do a job on Fiverr because the company cares about the end user the most. If you do not deliver services as committed, Fiverr will issue a refund to the user. You do not have much say in the entire process. There is also a bright side with this. Due to these policies, a large number of customers prefer as their preferred choice to hire freelancers.

You can also use all these methods for earning money online in business. Most of them allow you to bid as an entrepreneur. Due to this you can make profit in business using simple ways. All you need is dedication and commitment. You must have a mind to service. If this happens, your clients will make positive reviews online which pave the path of success in future.

How can I earn money online as a student?

There are many ways to earn money as a student. You can use any of these ways to earn money online. You can also create a blog and later choose blogging as a career. As a student you can also do online coaching. For example, if you are in class 10, you can easily teach class 5 students. You can use Microsoft teams or use any other video conferencing software applications for this purpose. Online coaching will also help you clear your own concepts and enhance performance. You can also become a teacher in the future. Due to this, you can also overcome the challenges of the teaching profession at an early age.

What is passive income and can we make it online?

This is an income type that you can make with little effort or no effort at all. Generally, income from property rental, stock market investment etc. come under the passive income category. There are many ways to make money online and many of them pay you regularly. For example, many people start blogging to make passive income. If you work seriously, you earn money from blogging. You can also start a YouTube channel or make a software application and sell copies.

How to generate passive income?

As I mentioned above, there are many ways to make money online. You just have to choose the right methods of generating passive income. We have a list of passive income ideas for you to work on. With these ideas, you not only make money without investment but also make a regular income with little effort.

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