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In today’s world, an internet connection is no more a luxury. It is as important as our food and shelter if we want to keep pace with the fast moving world. Therefore, you must connect with a good internet service provider nearby to make sure you get good speed. When we say good speed, you can check internet speed using some really simple tools to check internet speed online. These internet connection checker tools may vary country to country depending on what’s allowed and what is not by the government. You will get completely different results if you are searching for internet speed in America, internet speed in India or the internet speed in Japan. Therefore we have tried and collected the most common free internet speed checker websites and applications that you can use. Check out these tools to know how fast your internet works.

Why internet speed is important

First of all, you must check internet speed to make sure your work is fast. For example: you are running a business where you need to create bills for customers. There are many online billing software applications you can use. With slow internet your performance will be slow. Imagine you want to create a blog. Many people do blogging for business and for some use blogging as a career. You need a fast internet connection to do these jobs. In addition, to watch YouTube videos in daily life the internet should be fast.

First of all in the list is the most famous tool or internet speed checker available online.

internet speed checker, ookla test speed india

This website is powered by OOkla and there is no cost attached to check internet connection speed. All you need to do is to run the test by clicking on the blinking “Go” button. It will take some time to display the test results. You can also check your IP address using this free internet speed checker. When you use you can also check download speed and check upload speed in one click. The information is fast and clear.

As the name suggests, runs one of the most clean internet speed test online. The result comes in a few seconds and there is no clutter on the screen. You don’t even have to click any button. The information also displays in a simple and readable manner. This also talks about average latency and the upload speed.

internet speed test, check download speed (Google internet speed test)

This is a Google internet speed test. This is one of the fastest tools to check internet speed. Due to this you can check internet speed by a simple button click and you will get the result in seconds.

Check Internet Speed, Google Internet Speed Test

Frequently asked questions about internet connection speed

Today, the Internet Is one of the key requirements of businesses and households. Due to this you should make sure that your internet speed is good to make profit in business. Here is a list of some common questions people have in mind related to the internet.

Why is website speed so important and how can I improve it?

How fast the website opens also decides how long the user will browse the website. Therefore, you must have good website speed. If your website is running slow, you must increase website speed to ensure, user experience is good.

How website speed and internet speed are related?

First of all you need to understand that a website runs on a different server. Therefore website speed is not directly related to your internet connection. If you want to check internet speed because a website is running slow then this might not be a good idea at first glance. The web servers are normally placed in a data center. Almost all the data centers use high speed internet connection. 100 mbps is a normal speed of a web server. The server (where the website is running) may be slow. To do that you can try opening other websites. If they are working slow then there is an issue at your end. Otherwise it is an issue with a specific website.

How to increase WiFi speed and range?

In most cases your ISP or internet service provider delivers internet speed in a specific range. Your internet speed hovers between that speed range. First of all you can call your ISP to increase the speed. In other cases you can install an internet range extender (signal booster device) or a router with a little higher capacity if you are using a basic one.

How accurate is the website speed test data?

The website speed test data is normally accurate. If you have any doubts, you can check other tools. Once you are done with internet speed testing, call your internet service provider and cross check the results.

How to increase website speed?

If your website is loading slow then there can be many reasons behind it. You can try out some of the basic tips to increase website speed. These include installing a cache plugin, clearing the cache or moving the website to a new server. You can select the option depending on your requirement. Do check internet speed at your end because the website may be working fine.

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