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Are you looking for a software that can convert text to an audio file? In our technological world everyone is too occupied to take out time even for the family. But we are talking about changing text into an audio file. This task is not only time consuming but also very tough. You have to do a lot of retakes in recording a voiceover. Above all, many people are good at writing but they are not confident in speaking. Due to this quality of voice overs goes for a toss. In this case a text to speech software will help. Using these software applications you can convert text to speech online. There are many companies in the market selling these software applications but very few of them are good. So we recommend that you try out these free text to speech tools before making a purchase.

Text to Speech Software bring a lot of value

Using software helps you convert text into an audio file using AI or artificial intelligence. The voice is similar to a human voice. It is so clear that sometimes it is difficult to tell which one is a human voice. Using text to speech software online, you can save a lot of time involved in creating voice overs. You can also create tutorials online using these tools. As a result you save a lot of time and resources using text to speech converters. This is one more step towards making business successful. All you need is the best software to convert text into speech. This will not only save time but also resources.

In this article we will list three important tools that you can use for converting text into speech

Naturalreaders Text to Speech Converter

Naturalreaders is an online text to speech converter that anyone can use free of cost. However this is limited to the trial version only. There are paid versions available that you can purchase later. All you need to do is open the website naturalreaders.com and click on the “Online Reader” link available on the right hand side. The website will redirect you to another page with a text box. You can also choose between dyslexia font and not dyslexia font depending on your requirement. Simply copy and paste the text content and click on the play button. Other than this the website offers upto 70 different voices to select.In case you want to use it on a regular basis it is better to install Chrome extension of the same.

Voice Maker

Next option in the list is “Voice Maker”. The website offers you three different plans. You can select anyone starting with the Free, Basic and Premium plan. But here we are talking about free text to speech software online. The free version offers you upto 400 characters per convert but you can repeat the process unlimited times. This one also has upto 70 different voices to choose from. Try this free software to convert text files into audio or MP3. The cost of this speech to text software online starts from $5 per month and goes upto $8 per month depending on the plan you choose.


Unlike the previous option Wideo offers you upto 2000 characters of free text to speech conversion. You can also increase the reading speed or decrease it based on your preference.Other than this you can create video presentations online. There is a video platform that allows you to record computer screen, convert mp3 from text content. Depending on your nature of business, there are many free video templates available on the website. Using their free online video converter, you can create upto 1 minute of video. The paid version starts from $19 per month and goes upto $79 per month.

OneNote text to speech converter

If you are using a Windows computer then OneNote is a good option. First of all you do not have to pay anything additional. On the other hand the software has other features too. If you do not see this software installed in your PC you can download from Microsoft’s official website. This works as a free text to speech recording software for you.

Free text to speech software vs Paid software for converting text to voice

The answer is in the requirement. For example, if you need this software for a small and occasional personal work then free software will work fine. But when you need the software on a regular basis then you should go with the paid text to speed software.

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