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Quality comes at a cost and the same is true when you want the best text to speech converter. When using software to convert text into speech then the result should be a human-like voice. At least it should be as close to humans as possible. There are many free text to audio converters online available for download but we are not looking for these due to limited features. Therefore, you should also be ready to pay some cost. In this article we have listed some of the good speech conversion software that you can buy today. From the list you can find the best software to convert a text into an audio file that meets your requirement.

Search criteria to find best text to speech converter

When we were looking for the answer our mind was looking for the software that provides the most value. This means a text to speech converter that comes at low cost and offers great value. Above all it should record human-like voices and does not sound like a machine. To meet the criteria, we listened to the demo voices and scanned through the description. Additionally, we also considered the fact that you may use it to create video tutorials for software applications. Video tutorials can save a lot of time. In today’s competitive environment time is money. Due to this you can increase profitability in business by focusing on other important stuff. Some people might also want to record voice over for video and the software should fit all the requirements. Here is a list that you can consider.

Speechlo – Turn Text to Voice Software

As per their website this text to speech software provides instant transformation into 100% human sounding voice over. And this happens in just three clicks.

How to convert text into voice using Speechlo?

This text to speech converter comes with a simple process to change text into audio. All you need to do is copy and paste the pre-written text into the space provided.

In step two you select the voice sample. For example it is possible to select from a male or female voice.

No click on Generate voice over button. This is how simple it is. You can also change the speed of the speaking.

This text to speech software cost is also not very high. The cost of Speechlo is just $47.

How many voices are there in Speechlo?

As per their website they have over 30 human-like voice over options including male and female.

Can it record voice over in other languages than English?

Yes, you can record voice over in over 23 different languages.

Wideo Paid Version

In their first plan, the company provides free text to speech converter online. But there is a limitation. You can only record a one minute video at a time. Therefore, you should buy a paid version of Wideo. This allows us to create modern and very dynamic videos thanks to the fact that they have a library with a great variety of elements and animations to choose from. From templates of places and situations, to be able to define the movements of each of the characters.

Wideo comes as a recording suite and offers many other features. For example you can also record a computer screen using this software. But we are talking about text to speech conversion so we will consider this aspect only.

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