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If you are planning to start a YouTube channel or want to create tutorial videos for your business. You will need good video editing software. When we use the word “Good” it has a different meaning for everyone. For someone who is just starting a YouTube channel it will be free video recording software. A professional will look for the best video recording software. On the other hand a business owner may have some other requirements. So the meaning changes with change in requirement. For us the meaning is linked with value. A low cost video editing software that comes with maximum features will be our pic. This is due to the fact that most people do not use all features of a software application. We researched on this topic and found some good software for video editing and screen recording. First of all we will try to understand the basics and then we will move on to the best software for editing videos.

What is video editing software?

A video editing software is an application that you can use to make some changes in existing video. For example you record a video and want to remove voice from it or may want to add some special effect, this will help.

Can I use a video editing software for Windows on Mac?

Normally you have to purchase different versions of the same software application. The software for Windows may or may not work on a Mac pc. Therefore, check all the details before making a purchase.

I want video recording software free of cost. What should I do?

Most software applications mentioned here come with a free trial version. You can download these free software applications and use it for editing videos. Additionally, there are many free software applications for video editing that you can download without paying anything.

I want a screen recorder free of cost. From where can I download?

If you purchase any of the applications mentioned here, most applications come with inbuilt screen recording software. Therefore , you do not need to download other software for screen recording. If you do not need a paid software for editing videos then you can try some of these.

Free Cam – You can download Free Cam screen recording software. This also comes with an inbuilt voice recording software. The quality of recording is also good.

OBS Studio – OBS studio is an open source software for video recording. You can download from their official website without paying anything. This also comes with and inbuilt live streaming software for Windows and Mac both.

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