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Would you like to buy a brand that is unknown? Normally, people hesitate to buy from lesser-known companies. Therefore, companies spend money in advertising a brand on social media. Everyone has an account on social media these days. You may not have an account on all the social media platforms but I am sure at least one Facebook account should exist. If you are active on Facebook, I am sure you must have come across some social media ads. Some of them are selling products online and some endorse political ideology. Take an example of political Facebook ads. These advertisements actually do not look like an advertisement. They look like a post or suggestion based on your interest. As a user this may not interest you. But if you are running a business then social media advertising should be your preferred choice. I said this because if you are investing in social media marketing then you can expect great results. In this article, I will give you a clear view of social media marketing. We will also discuss about the cost of advertising on social media. So read till the end to understand the whole system.

Does Social Media Advertising work?

The answer depends on what you want from social media platform and how much is your budget? First of all there are many social media platforms you can use. Some people also confuse this with Google Ads. But there is a clear difference between Google Ads and Facebook Ads. In this article we are not talking about Advertising on Google. Starting from Facebook Ads, advertising on Instagram to promoting a software product on LinkedIn there are multiple options available. Therefore, you must think before you start investing money. Your small mistakes can convert to big losses because there is no refund if you do not succeed.

Best Social Media Websites for Marketing

I am sure you must be aware of all social media websites mentioned here is the list. Making profit in business is the ultimate objective of a marketing campaign. When it comes to social media marketing, you need to understand which is the best social media website for promoting the brand you own. What you select for your digital marketing campaign is your choice. The decision depends on your requirement.

When it comes to social media, tops the chart. Facebook is available in almost all the countries across the globe. This social media platform gives an opportunity to connect with your family and friends all the time. You can chat with them and share pictures and videos whenever you want. Additionally, you can use Facebook Ads Manager to promote your brand. You can create a Facebook page and increase followers. Due to huge user base this is the best social media advertising platform available today.

Who should use Facebook Ads?

If you are a small business and want to create brand awareness, will work fine for you. You can create a page for your company and start promoting it. With time you will create your own fan following. In today’s competitive world you cannot make a successful business with just offering best quality at low price. You need more ingredients. For example: people these days also check Facebook page likes and read customer reviews. Use Facebook Ads if you are among these.

  • Small business owners
  • Home based business owners
  • Start up looking for creating brand awareness campaign
  • Actors and Creative People to promote their portfolio
  • Technology companies can promote their software products
  • Promoting a clothing range on Facebook is a good idea
  • Politicians use Facebook Ads to attract voters or manipulate their voters

This website targets working professionals primarily. From CEO of the company to HR executive everyone is on LinkedIn. This is world’s largest professional network. If your product or service is related to corporates, there is nothing better than You can connect with top people in the industry and ensure your product or services reaches them. From Sales management software to HR software most companies prefer to advertise on LinkedIn. Additionally, you can also manage LinkedIn Campaign, make changes to ensure your social media advertising becomes most fruitful.

Who should use LinkedIn Ads?

First of all, you need to understand that it is network of professionals. Therefore, I recommend you sell similar products. For example, you have a digital product for managing a company, HR software or a sales management software. Linked in is the best social media platform to promoting a brand.

Twitter is a micro blogging website. Unlike LinkedIn and Facebook, you can post pictures, video and text in summarized form. If you are a celebrity then twitter is the best social media platform for you. Since you are already a recognized personality, people will want to know more about you. Due to this you get a lot of followers without much effort. In other case, if you are a regular person, you will have limited followers. Due to this creating an influence on Twitter is not that easy. Most politicians and celebrities use this platform to share a lot of content for their fans.

Especially, all politicians are active on Twitter. There are social media marketing agencies who manager their twitter account. You can also call them IT cell who works to manage the perception among people. Many of these IT cells spread fake news to increase popularity in public. The whole idea is to make a positive perception to sell a product, political ideology and other things.

What is social media marketing?

Let me start with addressing the basic question first of all. Social media is a platform (take Facebook as an example) that allows you to connect with friends. If you share a post then it is visible to your entire friend list. But normally people have limited friends. This limits your scope of reaching a larger audience. Therefore, social media advertising or social media marketing is the solution. As per some latest internet report face has more than 2.6 billion active monthly users. If you use social media marketing the right way and have budgets for Facebook ads then you can reach large number of audiences.

What are Political Facebook Ads?

Political Facebook Ads is a politically inspired Facebook post that you see. It may or may not be of ruling party but the impact is huge. Political parties invest a lot of money to influence people on social media. Especially on Facebook. Political spending on Facebook is increasing year on year. Everyone wants to grab their piece of audience and influence them to vote.

Cost of Social Media Advertising

The cost of social media marketing or advertising depends on your budget. Yes, you read it right. Most social media platforms work the same way. The calculation happens on pay per click model. Therefore, you can set your own budget for social media advertising.

Hiring Social Media Advertising Company Vs Creating Social Media Ads campaign myself

Both have their list of goodies. If you go with the professional social media advertising services then you save time. You may not be an expert in creating Facebook Ads. Additionally, learning anything needs investment of time. In this case it is good to hire a social media marketing firm. There are many benefits of outsourcing and this is just one of them.

On the other hand, if you manage the campaign on your own then you will have a new skill. If you can create a small business ads campaign for Facebook or LinkedIn, you will save money. The same money you save can get you more business. You are running paid social media ads, every penny you save can be re-invested back in marketing.

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