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Many people raised the question about why schools are charging fees in lockdown. People are also complaining without thinking about challenges faced by teachers. This may be a genuine question considering job losses and salary cuts during the pandemic. Nobody is sure where all this is going to end. Even schools and education institutes are also not sure. Still they are doing whatever is possible at their end. Sure there are many blood suckers who take all your income like leeches. If you put yourself in their shoes and start thinking, the list of challenges in running a school is more than one.

Surely, there are many education institutions who only care about making profit. But there are many who face real issues. One of the most common challenges in managing a school is staffing. Schools also face challenges like employee resignations due to payment delay and a lot more. But in this article we are talking about teachers so let us stick to that.

Schools are also sailing the same boat as you are.

Schools also have finances to manage, salaries to pay along with other complications. Managing a school is also like running a business. If you stop production then the whole business cycle will stop. Similarly when you stop paying fees to the school, there is delay in teacher salary for example. Why do you want your child to get an education from an unhappy teacher? This is just one situation. Teachers are facing a lot of challenges. I thought I would address a few of them. These are not just limited to online education challenges so read the article till the end.

Challenges faced by Teachers

There are many challenges faced by teachers these days. If we create a list of challenges of teaching it will be long. But here we are talking about the current situation. Therefore, these challenges are other than financial crises or salary delays.

Unexpected Situation

First of all teachers were also not prepared for this kind of situation the same as you. This has just come and everyone has to work and learn with time.

For example many of you working from home facing issues related to space and sound. A small house always has some kind of noises and it is very difficult to concentrate. Teachers are also facing same issues.

Lack of Technical Knowledge is one of the first Challenges faced by Teachers

Most teachers are not technically sound. Their expertise is linked with their respected subject. You have the full right to question if an English teacher makes error in grammar. But you cannot expect him or her to be excellent in computers and the internet. For this we have a computer teacher.

Complicated Software Applications

There are many complicated software applications which teachers are using. There are many school management software and online education software teachers are just learning. Most teachers have to learn them on their own and this has very less to do with technical knowledge. Even technical people face challenges when using new applications. Above all there is no standard. Different schools are using different software applications.

Lack of proper guidelines is the biggest challenge faced by teachers

This is also an important challenges faced by teachers. State administrations only pass orders and school administrations forward this to teachers. Now it is the teacher’s responsibility to work according to these guidelines.

Slow or Inconsistent Internet Connection

This is also one of the major issues. Everyone is aware about poor internet infrastructure. We are struggling with call drop issues till now and forget about internet. Most of the teachers and parents do not have broadband connection in their homes. There are many reasons. First of all at many places broadband is not available. Secondly there is additional monthly internet cost which is not affordable.

Due to this teachers and students are dependent on mobile internet.  This is very slow and inconsistent. Therefore many face connectivity issues and they blame teachers for poor voice quality or disconnections.

Challenges faced by Teachers – It is not the teacher’s fault

If you see closely you will understand that the teacher is on your side. She is at least trying to teach your child irrespective of challenges. Similarly you can also support her by at least no questioning each and everything.

6 months back teachers only had a class of 40 students. Now the same teacher has 120 students in the class. This includes 40 real students and 80 temporary students as mother and father of this innocent child.

Why pay schools fees in Pandemic?

You must pay school fees in a pandemic because of many reasons. Once again I would like to say if possible. The situation is worse and it is for everyone.

  1. Schools have many expenses like you do. Your payments can reduce financial challenges faced by teachers.
  2. They also have to keep the business running because it is their bread and butter.
  3. Most of the schools (those not run by some trust or government) have liabilities same as you.
  4. Most schools are allowing partial payments or at least monthly payments instead of advance.

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