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Anyone who owns a car or plans to own one uses it for a fixed period of time. After this you have to buy a new card and scrap the old one. However, if it is in good condition you can reapply for a fitness certificate and get an extension to drive the car for some more time. The Indian automobile sector now has its own vehicle scrappage policy. The new vehicle scrapping policy addresses some key aspects. These include scrapping the vehicle after the validity expires. There is also a provision for keeping the vehicle if it is in good condition. Additionally, you can also sell the vehicle when the validity expires. There are many provisions and each one of them has some reason behind it. The primary objective includes pollution control. Other than this there are many secondary objectives of the new vehicle policy. Let us understand the whole policy in detail. We start with the meaning of vehicle scrappage policy and why it is important.

What is the new Vehicle Scrappage Policy?

Every vehicle has a lifecycle like all other things in the world. Therefore, we need to be aware of what to do with the vehicle when it completes the life cycle. For example, the validity of a petrol car in India is 15 years. On the other hand, the validity of diesel cars in India is 10 years. This is an important factor when you want to compare petrol and diesel vehicles

Vehicle scrappage policy benefits

If you look at the positive side there can be a long list of benefits of scrapping vehicles. From saving the environment to creating new jobs there are many things to consider. Additionally, you can also expect a lot of metal recycling, rubber recycling that can fulfill raw material needs. Let us understand them in detail.

Environmental benefits of scrapping of vehicle

After a certain age every vehicle starts creating more pollution than standards. Above all there are new norms in place. For example BS4 to BS6 emission norms transformation is to control the pollution levels. If we scrap the old vehicles and buy new vehicles with the latest technology it will benefit our environment. These days you can also buy electric vehicles. We will understand this in the next point.

Push to Electric Vehicle Usage Policy

The transport ministry of India is working hard to push electrical vehicle usage. You also get subsidies on electric vehicles. However, it varies state to state. But the benefits of using electric vehicles are clear. First of all these vehicles do not produce harmful gases because they run on batteries and electric motors. In addition they have better performance than Inter combustion engines (ICE). This does not mean there are no challenges of electric vehicles. For sure there are many problems in electric vehicles but these will be sorted in the coming days.

Ensure growth in automobile sector

This is an indirect benefit of vehicle scrappage policy because it is more about the environment. When you scrap an old vehicle there is a possible demand for a new vehicle. Due to this sales of automobile companies increase. More sales means more profit and it is good for the economy.

Creating New Jobs with Vehicle Scrappage Policy

Automobile sector is one of the largest job providers in India. Due to this if people keep on scrapping vehicles on a regular basis, the demand will remain steady. As a result we get more employment opportunities. Every scrapped vehicle contributes towards job creation and it is a good thing.

Low cost Raw material for Industries

Science plays a role here. A matter can neither be created nor be destroyed. You can transform it from one state to another. Similarly, you can recycle the metal, rubber and other components from a vehicle. With time due to the recycling process, our import requirement will reduce. This is because we will be using recycled materials. Above all, we will also get low cost raw material for industries because there is no import duty.

Let us understand this with the help of some questions and answers. Some common questions that should come to your mind can be form the list below.

What will happen with the car when the validity period is over?

There are multiple deciding factors when the validity expires. That means scrapping the vehicle is not the only option available as the owner. The primary objective for sure is scrapping the old vehicle and getting a new one. But there are situations when your car is in good condition. In that you can request for extending the warranty. Once the vehicle completes a certain age, you need to check these options. For scrapping the vehicle you can contact your nearest scrapyard and sell it. There will be incentives from the government too on buying new vehicles.

How can I use my car if the validity period is over?

If your existing vehicle passes some government regulations set by the national green tribunal (or NGT) and other departments. You can use the car after paying an additional tax. For this your car will be evaluated by the experts.

How to scrap a vehicle in India?

Before the new vehicle scrappage policy of India it was the owners responsibility to scrap the vehicle. Now the government is setting up vehicle scrap yards in India. Of Course all these facilities will be run by the private sector. You will get an option to go there and get some price for your old vehicles.

How much money will I get for my old car?

This will depend on the car condition. The car condition depends on usage by the owner. You are selling it to scrap but there are many usable or recyclable parts. For example, you have maintained the car very well, so you may have good tyres. These can go to the second hand market. Similarly other parts of the cars will be considered before selling the car. The scrap yard owner (or staff) will evaluate the cost of the car. You can take that money and leave the vehicle.

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