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Car overheating issue is one of the most common issues. A car overheats due to many reasons. It may be due to some mechanical issue or poor maintenance. But when it happens midway all you have limited options. First of all call the mechanic. If not possible then follow the steps to temporarily fix the problem.

Car Overheating Sign

First of all you need to make sure that you are maintaining the car well to stay away from car overheating issues. These days, maximum cars come with an inbuilt software that informs you as soon as the temperature goes higher. The car warning system has many other indicators also associated with car maintenance. When you see any of these warnings, stop immediately. Let the car temperature go down before proceeding further.

How to fix the Issue

In this case, the best recommendation is to contact the car mechanic immediately. But sometimes you are a little far from the car service center. In case this is not possible, follow the steps below. Even after this fix, the issue will only be resolved at the car service station. But to make your life a little easy here is a step by step process to avoid the situation for some time.

  1. First of all open the car bonnet
  2. Find coolant bottle / box
  3. Open the lid slowly (Do it very carefully because there will be lot of heat inside)
  4. Remove lid very carefully to avoid sudden burst of heat
  5.  Wait for 5 minutes to settle the hot air
  6. Add water inside the coolant bottle and fill it completely
  7. If the coolant bottle or radiator is broken you should not drive the car.
  8. Close the lid tight
  9. Wait for some time if possible so engine can get little cooler
  10. Start driving (Do not rev the engine too much)
  11. Avoid using air conditioner during your travel
  12. Contact service center after reaching your destination or as soon as you get time

Top Reasons of Car Engine Heating

There are many reasons of car engine heating. Some of the common reasons include the list below.

First of all when we avoid when there is low coolant level

Poor car maintenance or unexpected delay in car service

There may be Leakage from the hose pipe

It can also happen due to broken water pump from

Car radiator can also cause overheating of engine. Check for possible cracks to find.

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