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Before we start, do you know the data privacy meaning? I am sure some of you are aware of but let me start with the definition of data privacy to keep everyone on the same page. Data privacy is linked with keeping personal information private. In this case no one can use this information without your permission. When you want to keep private and companies still use it, many legal and commercial angles come in picture. Moreover, data security law and acts also ensure protection of intellectual right. There are so many things that I can talk about when it comes to data protection but we will stick to the topic as of now. This article will uncover these details. Additionally, we will also see how companies steal data with our approval.

Data Privacy – Protecting Intellectual Assets

Data privacy is not only limited to the personal information but also connects with protecting intellectual assets. There is an international patent law also to protect Intellectual property rights.

Importance of Privacy Protection Act for Data Privacy

Data or information privacy act establishes a strong between the collection of data and public expectation of privacy. There is personal as well as legal angle of understanding the topic. But it depends on which context we are addressing. Information is the most important asset in modern world due to this we must protect it. Additionally, we should also need to be very careful when using software applications or social media accounts. One single mistake can cause all our personal data to be on sale in open market.

How do companies breach data protection law with our permission?

Everyone uses a smartphone these days and uses Facebook (for example). Most of us do not read the terms of service before accepting the terms and conditions. What if the companies asking you to approve sale of data online with your permission? This can happen and easily possible considering the human nature of not reading terms of service before using an application.

Why companies want my data? why someone will data privacy

First of all, we need to understand that making profit in business is not easy. It is more difficult when you do not have a good business strategy. You cannot just sell random products to customers. Due to this most big companies sell you exactly what you need. Have you ever asked this question – How do companies know what I want? How companies sell random products with accuracy. The answer to these questions is in the detail.

How do companies know what you want?

The simple answer to this question is by looking into your personal data. If your data security is not full proof then companies get into it. They hire professional data analyst who work on data mining and converting information into data that make sense. Sales is the toughest part of business. Due to this companies do a lot of research before hiring a sales executive. Companies spend a lot of money in data analytics. They hire data analyst for doing this job. The idea is to study the consumer behavior and sell what the customer wants.

How do companies steal data?

Data is one of the most previous assets today. The one who has maximum data also has maximum power to rule the market. Here we are talking about meaningful data. For example, if a company knows that you like to play badminton, they will try to sell you badminton rackets. If a company knows that you enjoy traveling, you will start getting calls for tour packages. Facebook does exactly the same. Facebook is a great application to express your feelings. You share a lot of information about what you like and do not. All your friend list is available with Facebook. Based on this data it recommends some products from associated brands. There are many other players in the market who collect your data and breach your data privacy.

Indirectly it is a trade between you and the social marketing company. You provide your information and the social media websites sell your data to make money.

The process of collecting data

Social media is just one example. There are many other companies that use a systematical collect your data. If you are not aware about data privacy protection then it is possible for you to make mistakes. Most of the times with your approval and sell it in the open market. After times, your personal information comes in public domain. There are many companies selling bulk data at low price. You can buy millions of phone number, email Ids and business information at a very small amount. Here is the process.

1 – First of all companies offer you a free software application.

2 – If you like the application, you install it in your phone or sign up via internet.

3 – In the next step you agree with their terms and conditions for using the app. If you ask someone to share their personal information, very few to none will be ready to provide this kind on information. But in this case, you simply click on “I Agree” button. In many ways this is an agreement for giving access in your data security.

3 – Due to this companies use easy way. They give you something for free and take access to your personal data from social media accounts and mobile applications.

4 – As I said above, most people click on I Agree button easily. For many applications the key objective is to get your acceptance about using personal information.

What are common data theft methods or data security breach?

Some of the most common data theft techniques include your mistakes. Negligence works as a seed of data theft.

If you use week password in the email then you are inviting hackers. Many people do not follow basic security guidelines for using email and other sensitive data.

Many hackers send phishing emails to companies and individual. These emails generally carry a link. If you click the link, your information security gets into a possible attack.

Some hackers use infected USB drives and other storage devices to steal data.

Non encrypted data is always a favorite option for hackers to get into your system and steal data.

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