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Competitive Pistol shooting is one of the most important sports. This is because the sport is not only famous but also offers a great career as a shooter. There are many benefits of pistol shooting that you cannot ignore. Even if you are not into hardcore sportsperson it will help you. Therefore, you can develop this as a hobby. Out of the many options available in target shooting, Air Rifle Target Shooting and Pistol Shooting are most famous. Since the sport is too big to be covered in one article we will stick to 10 meter air pistol shooting. However you can read our articles like 25 meter air rifle shooting to get other related information. In this article we will talk about a lot of things about target shooting with a pistol. At the end you should know about following:

  1. How good is this as a sport
  2. How to become a shooter
  3. Key requirements for Air Pistol Shooting
  4. Air Pistol Shooting Accessories
  5. What are the benefits of Air Pistol Shooting as a Sport

Competitive Pistol Shooting as a Career

Let me answer the most important question before we dive deep into the details. First of all The world of target shooting is vast and it is full of opportunities. At first you only need the right guidance, enthusiasm and commitment to continuously keep practicing. Then you need support and resources to play this sport. Competitive Pistol Shooting is a globally accepted and played sport. Due to this, you travel all over the world and get recognition. And obviously, the money follows.

Benefits of Pistol Shooting

There is a long list of benefits of competitive pistol shooting. We have a dedicated article on the benefits of shooting sports. Take a look at some common things that you should look for.

  • This is one of the limited sports in Olympic without age limit
  • As a shooter you develop great personal and professional strength.
  • Shooting is a great career option that can give you fame and money both at the same time.
  • It is a worldwide recognized sport.
  • Target shooting or Air Pistol shooting increases your patience level.
  • It increases your focus.
  • As a professional shooter, you travel the world due to sporting events.

Air Pistol Shooting Accessories

If you want to become a professional shooter then we suggest you need a shooting range around to develop the skills. However you can also practice shooting home. You can even create a shooting range at home with basic accessories. The cost of setting up a shooting range at home does not require a lot of equipment. Coming back to the topic, here is all you need to practice pistol shooting.


First of all, you cannot practice shooting without the weapon. Therefore, the very first thing you need is to buy an air pistol. If you are a beginner, you can start with a .177 caliber pellet gun.

Air Gun Pellets

You can also call them air gun bullets. This is the second requirement for air gun shooting sports. Just remember one thing, but air gun pellets are recommended for your gun. Sometimes companies also recommend the brand. For example: Precihole Sports (an India based air pistol manufacturer company) recommends use of their own pellets. Similarly other brands also recommend the best pellets for air pistol shooting.

Target Paper

Target papers or target sheets are important initially. As you grow in the sport, you start using digital targets for accurate scoring purposes.

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