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Technology has transformed the way we think and live our daily life. Due to innovations in the IT industry the computers have become more affordable. As a result most households at least have one computer in the form of desktop or laptop computers. Companies also keep upgrading the software applications and hardware to improve computer speed. But innovations also come with its own set of challenges. With continuous upgrades in the software industry the attacks on computers are also growing. With the help of the internet, a person sitting in China can hack a computer in the USA. Due to this the demand for antivirus software is also growing. The core objective is to protect computers from viruses and hacking. You can do it using many ways and the use of antivirus is one of them.

What is antivirus software?

As the name suggests, this is a small software application that protects a computer from getting infected. Same as we humans, computers also get sick and need treatment. In humans the viruses are in biological form. In the case of computers the viruses are digital.

Who creates a Virus and Why?

There can be many answers to this question. Everything depends on what kind of answer you are looking for. Check out these conditions where a virus may exist.

First of all the primary objective is to steal valuable data and information. Hackers want to get into your system without your knowledge. Therefore, they write a software program to hack. It can be in the form of a link or they may ask you to fill a form.

The second world is of individual hackers who do it for fun. They want to corrupt your computer just to prove their knowledge. Sometimes they hack your system and demand money to give back control.

Companies create viruses to sell antivirus software applications. It is like a normal demand and supply principle. If there is no demand there will be no supply. Companies want you to buy their software applications. As per one of the estimates, the antivirus software industry is more than $4 billion. Due to this they hack computers and send trojans etc. later their software cleans the system and you start believing in their value.

Governments create viruses to hack computers in competitor countries. They want to steal valuable information for strategic use. Not only this in some un-democratic countries, governments spy on their citizens to suppress any revolution against them. Pegasus is a good example which was created to hack cell phones of various important personalities. Many governments buy the software for political reasons.

Which one is the Best Software for Virus Protection?

The software that suits your computer is the best. I say this because irrespective what antivirus software you have in the PC it can get hacked. If you are running a business, protecting information is important. You simply cannot rule out the possibility of viruses in the system. But installing antivirus software surely helps. Here is the list of best antivirus software applications you can use. Some of these applications are in the list based on my personal experience.

  • McAfee Antivirus Plus
  • Norton antivirus / Norton 360 (Microsoft also recommends with for Windows)
  • Avast antivirus software
  • Bitdefender
  • ESET antivirus for Laptop and desktop (Also known as Nod32 antivirus)

Free Antivirus Software

Most antivirus sellers ask you to install their free version of antivirus software. However, most of them come with an expiry date. Post this date, you need to renew antivirus. Under these lucrative free offers some fake companies and individuals can also connect with you. These people ask you for some critical information. There is a good chance that the effort is to hack your computer. Therefore, I recommend you buy only authentic antivirus software. Install trial only for the famous companies like Norton, MacAfee

Fake Antivirus Keys

The information technology world is full of useless software applications and fraudsters. If you buy antivirus software online, you should be extra careful about it. There are sellers who somehow crack antivirus software keys. In an ideal scenario, every antivirus key is different but they sell it to many users. They keep the cost lower than the original software. Due to this, many people fall in this trap and end up losing money. Therefore, whenever you buy software for business, make sure you go for original software download. Best thing is to buy from the official website. You can also use leading ecommerce websites because they also offer you money back guarantee.

How big is the antivirus software industry?

The global antivirus software market size is around $4.00 billion. With the growing computer market, the antivirus is also growing.

Why should I install antivirus on my PC?

First of all, you need it to save your files from getting corrupted due to any kind of virus. There are many hackers who are just looking for an unsecured computer. When they find one, they can send infected files that will ultimately corrupt other files of your computer. As a result, you will lose all the data. In addition there is a threat to your privacy protection. Imagine someone blackmailing you over personal information. I am not saying any antivirus software guarantees the safety but at least they reduce the risk of getting hacked by a big margin. Therefore, you must install antivirus to stay safe.

How to install antivirus on a laptop or a desktop computer?

Most antivirus these days work on cloud. Therefore, all you need is the key. You can download free antivirus from McAfee, Norton, ESET or any other company. This free version mostly works for one month. After this you can activate the full version by using the key.

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